It was at the age of 12 when electronic music caught EFKA’s attention. At that time there was a radio show called „stunde null“ and it opened the door to a new world for him. He caught himself trying to record the latest tracks on tape over and over again – there seemed to be no end, because they kept on playing more and more beautiful songs. Until this experience he had never listened to any tracks that were longer than half an hour.

As time passed he realized these `songs` weren`t just single tracks – they were sets, consisting of many tracks. He began to wonder how that might work and where to get these sets. At the age of fourteen he noticed a record shop in the city by accident – the city traxx – there he saw how to mix. … You needed two turntables, a mixer and, of course, the right music, which you found on vinyl – unbelievable! Until then EFKA only knew his parents’ vinyl records that played classic music or jazz, so he was very impressed to experience holding the same recording medium in his hand, just this time with electronic music on it.

He began buying and collecting techno and breakbeat records and listening to them whenever possible. He had his next formative impressions in the school basement, where old friends of his had made themselves a den with dizzying light and techno or drum`n`bass music – the first experience of real underground feeling – rough, gloomy, rocking, good as hell – far away from the mainstream. And so his destiny came to pass: after some experimenting in DJing, EFKA began to save his money to get his own equipment.

The joy that came with the music caused the foundation of a platform. ESOULATE was born. A lot of other DJs from many different genres joined and through their parties Esoulate grew into a booking agency. Over the years friends like MOTTT, DREIKOMMANULL, ZWISCHENWELTEN, the ELIPAMANOKE, DISTILLERY, or VICTOR JARA among others, joined them and organized parties, sometimes together, but most of the time they did cross-booking over the single crews.

EFKAs own development went from d´n´b to more housie tunes to the minimal sound he favors today. Through his DJ experiences he also became interested in producing, bearing fruit about ten years later. He released his first tracks on Break the surface, a label founded by Metasound (Leipzig), in spring 2009. His desire to improve always keeps him moving forward, so look for more tracks to be released in future. But above all this, his main concern is to keep the fun in what he`s doing and making people happy while dancing to his music.